Tasting Menu 2017/3

Herrera’s latest in 14 mouthfuls.

Crispy Beef with Curry and a “Clothes Dryer” of Smoked Tuna

Cone of Baked Codfish

Mountain Nettles

Wild Fish Marinated with Lima and Modena

Grill “Cap i Pota” Sausages with Mayonnaise of Potato Chips

French Sardines

White Garlic Roasted with Mackerel

Squid Eggs with Fried Potatoes of Rice and Saffron

Poularda Cream with Meatballs and Sweet Truffle

Partridges with Farcellet de Col

Lamb with Beans

Smoked Grilled Filet

Pear with Spinach and Celery

Spaghetti with Milk

Price 90,00€ I.V.A. included